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Arabica EcoJar

Arabica EcoJar

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This self-sufficient ecojar houses a coffea arabica plant that requires zero maintenance and is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. The beautiful houseplant sits on a moss base within the sealed airtight kilner jar. For an extra special touch, add fairy lights to transform this piece into an even more eye-catching statement for the home, office or retail space. Plant care instructions are included, but the beauty of this ecojar is that it is completely self-sufficient.


  • Sealed kilner jar
  • Self-sufficient ecojar
  • Contains coffea arabica plant
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Houseplant perfect for coffee lovers
  • Coffee plant sits on moss base
  • Add fairy lights to illuminate
  • Personalisation available for £9.95
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 2.0kg
Dimensions 16 cm x 16 cm x 29 cm
Options Fully assembled, Fully assembled with lights, Empty - glass only