Supersize / Mega Terrariums

Make the ultimate stylish statement by bringing a healthy dose of nature indoors, while utterly transforming your interior home or office environment, with our spectacular Supersize Terrariums.

Every single meticulously assembled large terrarium we offer, stands at close to one metre in height, making them supersized enough to house a beautiful indoor garden inside. They can come ready-planted for you with a selection of stunning indoor plants, including succulents and cacti. All of which are incredibly easy to care for, making them ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spend on constant maintenance.

These large terrariums will be an eye-catching focal point no matter what room they’re placed in. Their handcrafted design and perfectly placed indoor plants, carefully chosen by our botanical experts, make them a stunning centrepiece to behold. They can also be purchased empty (glass only), allowing you to create your own bespoke feature or indoor garden.

Corporate Gift Packages

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