Duo Terrariums

Ever wanted to have more of a good thing? Well now you can bring the epitome of beautiful living art into your home, and then times it by two with our contemporary and striking Duo Terrariums.

Each set of two terrariums are the ultimate alternative to fresh cut flowers, injecting a healthy dose of green goodness, colour and vibrancy to any interior space. Whether you’re after an air-purifying house plant, some restaurant decor, retail display ideas or you want some unique corporate gifts – these Duo Terrariums are the ideal choice.

You can place them separately or cluster them together to create a single striking feature. Each come with unique indoor plants, including succulents, which are low maintenance and hand-picked by expert botanists.

Plus, you can enhance their look even more with optional fairy lights, which highlight the natural beauty of these indoor gardens.

Corporate Gift Packages

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