Closed / Sealed Terrariums

A closed terrarium provides you with a self-sufficient ecosystem. Plants that require no upkeep or watering, this indoor garden is a great gift for those who like the look of real plants but lack the time or desire to spend on maintenance.

The self-sustaining plants are chosen by botanical experts and the product is available fully assembled in an enclosed terrarium. For an extra special touch, these closed terrarium containers are also available with personalisation and/or fairy lights to transform this piece into an even more eye-catching statement for the home, office or retail space.

A closed terrarium is often chosen as a first foray into plants and are favoured by those who have no outdoor space of their own to tend to. Not only are they are a great introduction to greenery, closed terrariums double up as quirky decorations.

With different shapes and sizes of closed terrariums, you can get a living piece of art that’s as unique as you and your space.

Corporate Gift Packages

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