Wall Art

Bringing more of the natural world inside is a goal for a lot of people, and you can easily achieve this with our magnificent moss living wall art. If you love quirky art that is unique and unlike anything you’ve seen before, we know you’re going to love this captivating collection of moss wall art pieces.

Each one combines a touch of nature with an alluring artistic flair, creating beautifully unique pieces of living art, which can effortlessly enhance any interior space. Requiring minimal maintenance, yet delivering so much.

Super easy to care for, more cost-effective than fresh flowers and more eco-friendly than artificial plants, moss wall art works in any environment. Whether you’re looking to enhance your own home, find some luxury event decor, unusual corporate gifts, or even unique wedding favors.

Having an indoor wall garden can instantly brighten up a room, and moss wall art requires literally no attention to maintain its appearance – although you’ll struggle to look away from its natural beauty.

Grande Wooden Moss Art Rectangle


Our Grande Wooden Moss Art Rectangle is a stunning piece of decor crafted from teak tree root and preserved living moss. The driftwood-style artwork creates a statement in the home, office, retail space, restaurant or hotel. Measuring 120cm x 80cm, the natural product introduces a botanical theme to any setting and requires no maintenance, living for years. The hanging would make a wonderful gift for a special occasion, particularly for fifth wedding anniversaries, where wood is a traditional way of marking the event.

Round Wall Art

Grande Wooden Moss Art Round


The round wooden moss art brings any wall to life, providing a beautiful focal point that instantly lifts any interior space. It is crafted from the finest teak tree root and preserved living moss. The driftwood-style artwork requires no upkeep whatsoever and would make an excellent gift, especially for a fifth wedding anniversary, which is traditionally marked with a wooden present. Measuring 100cm in diameter, the natural product is self sufficient and does not need watering, providing an easy way to bring the outdoors in.

Moss Squares

Trio Petite Wooden Moss Art Square

From £129.95 - £159.95

This set of three elegant wooden hangings with living moss is a modern addition to any interior space, whether displayed as a trio or individually. The contemporary pieces are made from teak tree root that gives a natural, earthy feel. Topped with living preserved moss, the trio instantly adds a botanical look to the home, office, restaurant or any corporate venue. The moss is self-sustaining and requires no watering or maintenance, allowing the owner to display the artwork for many years.

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