Table Art

Creating a truly captivating and definitive focal point for your home or office space just got easier thanks to our range of stunning natural table art. Each carefully handcrafted piece can add colour and vibrancy, while letting you bring a touch of nature to any interior space.

Our table art comes in a rich variety of shapes, textures, and magnificent colours which perfectly compliment each other. From skulls sculpted from beautiful teak tree root, to botanical bowls that come with preserved living moss, which can last for years.

You’ll be able to find yourself a truly eye-catching feature and if you’re concerned about maintenance, there’s no need to be. This is because every house plant or living moss that can come with our table art is extremely easy to care for, requiring little to no watering.

Living table art is the perfect gift for green-fingers, and can help breathe life into any room it’s placed in. Each piece is ideal for those wishing to embrace the current botanical trend with minimal effort.

Living Skull


Our Living Skull can certainly be a visually striking addition to your home, as well as being an interesting and diverting focal point to suit any interior. Sculpted in a driftwood style from beautiful teak tree root, our design team have created a natural piece of art that features living moss in both eye sockets. If you're looking to introduce the botanical trend in your space but want to avoid anything that’s too delicate or time consuming to maintain, this is ideal for you.

Petite Wooden Moss Art Square


This contemporary block wall panel with living preserved moss art elegantly updates any interior space. The natural product is crafted from teak tree root and has a driftwood style, bringing an instant touch of the outdoors to a home, workspace or social venue. The living moss on the contemporary hanging requires no maintenance or watering and will stay healthy for years. Anyone looking to embrace the botanical trend with a modern edge will find this stunning artwork is the perfect way to do so, with minimal fuss.

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