Single Ecospheres

Our Single Ecospheres are effortlessly elegant and meticulously designed to be a simple, sophisticated centrepiece for your home or office environment. Combining an attractive light fitting with a hand crafted design, each single enclosed ecosphere perfectly highlights the natural beauty of the unique indoor plants it houses.

Every single ecosphere terrarium we have can contain visually striking, easy to care for plants, such as perennial grasses, or a seasonal succulent on preserved reindeer moss. Which have all been specially selected for you by our botanical experts. With a stylish spherical glass shape and subtle ambient lighting, they make a truly eye-catching addition to any interior space.

Single Ecospheres use LED bulbs to create a warm and gentle glow, and the low-maintenance plants are ideal for the indoor plants lover who wishes to enhance their interior, without having to spend time on constant maintenance.

A plant ecosphere is designed to be long lasting, easy on the eye, and they effectively utilise cutting-edge technology to produce an adjustable warm and flattering glow. Whether you’re considering them for yourself or as a great green-fingered; you can’t go wrong with these captivating contemporary pieces of living art.

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