Simple, sophisticated and effortlessly elegant; our Ecosphere Terrariums combine an attractive light fitting with natural beauty, such as perennial grasses, or a seasonal succulent on preserved reindeer moss. Each enclosed ecosphere makes for a truly eye-catching addition to any home or office environment, with a stylish spherical glass shape and subtle ambient lighting.

An ecosphere terrarium uses LED bulbs that create a warm and gentle glow, which accentuates the natural beauty of the low-maintenance plants inside. Making it perfect for the design conscious plant lover, who wishes to enhance their home or office, with a captivating contemporary piece of indoor art.

The enclosed terrarium ecosphere utilises cutting-edge technology to produce a stable, dimmable, warm and flattering glow. All our Ecospheres are eco-friendly, long lasting and gentle on the eye. They work to provide a peaceful atmosphere and can enhance any living space.

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