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Seed pods - Lemon Basil

Seed pods - Lemon Basil

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Lemon basil combines the beautiful flavour of its cousin, basil, with a fresh citrus flavour. Just like basil, this herb is easy to grow and adds extra depth to dishes. When growing this herb make sure to pick the leaves before it begins to flower, as much of the flavour disappears when the plant begins to bloom. The seed pods are preserved until they are placed in water, making this a great gift to buy ahead of time for any food or plant lover.


  • Lemon basil is a unique and fresh tasting herb
  • This pack comes with two sets of ecologically compressed seed pods
  • Any unused pods will be suitable for years to come
  • Seed pods expand when water is added
  • Care and growing instructions included
  • Full growth achieved in a matter of weeks
  • Order by 2pm for next day delivery
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Additional Information

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