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Genie Indoor Herb Garden Planter - White

Genie Indoor Herb Garden Planter - White

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Our Genie Indoor Herb Garden Planter is ideal if you're looking for a neat way to introduce growing herbs and vegetables in your home. In a slick white, the Genie is an attractive and modern device as well an easy way to start learning how to approach gardening. The Genie requires no soil, meaning it's easy to clean and maintain and the ecological hydroponics system is able to deliver nutrient-rich water to the roots of your plants quickly, encouraging them to grow up to three times faster than their usual rate.


  • White herb garden planter suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  • Use to grow plants, herbs, vegetables and anything else you wish
  • The system uses a clever hydroponics system and active growing technology
  • Oxygenated water full of nutrients is delivered directly to plant-roots, making them grow up to three times faster than usual
  • Suitable for all gardening levels
  • Low-maintenance with just 15 minutes of attention required per month
  • No soil required, meaning less clean-up
  • Comes complete with mains operated water pump, essential light and growing nutrients
  • Operational instructions are included
  • Comfortably houses 3 plants in plastic pots of up to 15cm in diameter
  • Order by 2pm for next day delivery
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 1.0kg
Dimensions Depth 180mm x Width 210mm x Height 440mm