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The Urban Botanist product journey

The Urban Botanist product journey

At The Urban Botanist, we are committed to sourcing the very best plants and materials to ensure we can provide our customers with outstanding quality terrariums and living art - and there is a lot of love and care that goes into crafting our products.

In this blog, we want to give you more of an insight into your product’s journey, from sourcing succulents in Amsterdam to being hand-constructed in Manchester.

Sourcing the perfect plants

We source our stunning range of living and artificial plants, cacti and succulents from the Netherlands.

Our family-run supplier offers a huge range of choice and the team is incredibly knowledgeable about horticulture, which helps us choose the very best centrepieces for each of our creations - safe in the knowledge that we are providing our customers with beautiful but low-maintenance greenery.

We travel to Amsterdam three to four times a year to select the perfect plants for each season, as well as staying ahead of any botanical trends people are incorporating into their homes.

From sourcing to shipping

After we have chosen which plants, cacti and succulents we will be using within our range of terrariums, eco-systems and wall art, they are shipped to us back in the UK in line with customer demand.

We pride ourselves on providing stunning but low-maintenance plants and we make sure we source strong plants to ensure longevity, which also makes it easier for them to be shipped and stored before they take pride of place in our customers’ homes.

It was a bit of a struggle to find a warehouse with natural sunlight that enabled us to create the perfect environment for our plants to flourish, but we eventually did in the suburbs of Manchester. It is here where we care for our greenery before hand-planting them within our range of products.

Hand-crafting and packing

Like with many independent businesses, we have a small team working behind the scenes to provide our customers with gorgeous terrariums and living art after placing their orders.

Each of our products (excluding DIY kits) are hand-constructed in our warehouse and every single team member is committed to building the most stunning creations that will complement any interior style.

As soon as they are built and have passed our scrupulous quality checks, The Urban Botanist products are lovingly packaged and shipped to our customers.

Throughout the entire product journey, our passion for plants is at the heart of everything we do, from personally picking succulents and cacti in the Netherlands to hand-crafting and packing orders back in the suburbs of Manchester.

We love to see our terrariums’ new homes after we have delivered them to our customers, so please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and share photos of your products using #MyBotanist.

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